What is GoKick?

GoKick is a community born in 2004 with the aim of enabling more football games.

What unites us is a passion for football, lived with the same freedom that children have, but at the same time a healthy and strong challenging spirit and values built on respect for the opponent.

Our motto, "Play More", is an invite to challenge oneself, at every age, on and off the pitch.

The Gokick project is NON-PROFIT and is actively looking for active participative members. We believe strongly on a model where all the members of the community help, according to their possibilities, in the growth of a project, putting at the disposal of all time and personal abilities. The main engine of the community is the passion and energy of the Gokickers!

What does the gokick.org website do?

The site is the tool by which the members of the community, the "GoKickers", organise their activities. Through this it is possible to:

  • Meet new people passionate about football
  • Orgainse your own games online
  • Play in games organised by others
  • Comment the results and match reports on the games played
  • Access the stats of all the GoKickers
  • Take part in all the community activities

What are the other community activities?

For us sport is firstly a way of being together, to have new experiences and meet new friends, a push to improve oneself by integrating with others. That is why GoKick – beyond the classic local amateur football games – organises many other initiatives, such as, away games in other countries, football tournaments, post match drinks, parties, barbecues, ...and much more!

You can check out our latest GoKick initiatives by having a look at the blog or checking out our old site.

What are the Communities values?

From the start, the values we promote and that all GoKickers share are:

  • Sporting Fair Play of team mates and opponents
  • Openness and the welcoming of others
  • Willingness to challenge oneself, without taking it too seriously

How do I become a GoKicker?

GoKick is an open community, if you share our values you are more than encouraged to join us >>